South Coast Mensa Membership and Testing:


General Information

The Mensa Admission Test is offered for the convenience of those individuals interested in joining Mensa who either:      

  1. do not have a qualifying intelligence test score on a previously-taken exam (see partial list), or     
  2. prefer to take the admission test.

This test is intended for individuals 14 years of age or older, so if you are between 14 and 17, you must have parental permission to take the test.

The Mensa test has two parts, so you'll have two chances to qualify for Mensa membership!  Allow 2 hours total for the two tests.  The standard Mensa Admission Test features "fill in the blank," "which item comes next," and "which one doesn't belong" sorts of questions, as well as some math and vocabulary.


A score at or above the 98th percentile on either the MAT or Culture Fair will qualify you for Mensa membership. You will be advised whether you qualify for membership by the national office of American Mensa within a month after the test. 

Or, if you want to find out whether a test you've already taken qualifies you, and see a partial list of the standardized tests we accept on the American Mensa website, or call American Mensa, Ltd toll free 24-hours at: 1-800-66-MENSA or e-mail:

How Can I Prepare?

There is no way to study for either of the Mensa tests.  They test *how* you know versus *what* you know.  Therefore, the best way to prepare for the test is by getting a good night's sleep, eating a modest meal an hour or more before we begin, and arranging to be at the test site 10 or 15 minutes early.  The best practice test is our Home Test.

Test Day

IMPORTANT: Please bring a photo ID! Pencils and all other test materials will be provided to you.

The cost is $60, by check or money order payable to 'American Mensa, Ltd.', or by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. We also accept prepaid vouchers. No cash, please--if absolutely necessary, exact change can be accepted as payment.

Prior Evidence

Prospective members can apply by submitting evidence of scores from prior intelligence testing. Many people find this a quick and easy way to qualify for Mensa membership, as they often qualify on tests they have already taken at some point in their lives.

Even if you don't think you would qualify with prior evidence, you may want to review this short list of qualifying scores. You may remember another test you took in grade school, college or the military.



For further information, or to schedule testing, please contact the South Coast Mensa Testing Coordinator.