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South Coast Mensa, a dynamic and diverse chapter of American Mensa, Ltd., is dedicated to fostering an environment for individuals who have demonstrated intellectual aptitude by scoring within the top 2% of the population on standardized intelligence assessments. As a part of Region 5, our chapter serves the South Coast area of Alabama, joining forces with Mensa communities throughout the southeast region of the United States.

Our community is a vibrant collective of inquisitive minds, offering a platform to engage with over 150 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and participate in local, national, and international events. Beyond providing intellectually stimulating engagements, we empower our members with opportunities for leadership development, social connection, and community service, fueling personal and collective growth.

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Local Group Profile

Group: South Coast Mensa
Region: Region 5 - Southeast Region
Members: 64
Phone: Information unavailable
Community: Go to Mensa Connect
Newsletter: M-PORT
Founding Date: August 01, 1984

Local Officer Information

LocSec: Larry L.
Proctor: Dr. Leslie C.
Editor: Gary K.
Gifted Youth Coordinator: Dr. Ellen C.
Assistant LocSec: Dr. Karen P.
Webmaster and Social: Rob R.
Mailing Coordinator: Gary K.
Ombudsperson: Dr. Ellen C.
Treasurer: Terry S.
S.S. Meet to Eat: Dr. Ellen C.
Gifted Youth Asst: Rob R.


Third Saturday Meet To Eat Saturday

This monthly event is a great opportunity for members to gather together and enjoy great food, drinks, and conversation. During the Meet To Eat, we come together to discuss a wide variety of topics, including local events, world events, current events, and more. We listen to each other's thoughts and gain insight into the ideas and perspectives of our fellow members. It's a great way to get to know each other and to learn about the world around us.


Fourth Sunday Meet to Eat Sunday

The Fourth Sunday Meet To Eat is a potluck style event where members can bring their favorite dishes to share. During the event, we come together to enjoy great food, drinks, and conversation with one another. It's a relaxed and comfortable environment where we can get to know each other better and build lasting friendships. We also often have guest speakers, including authors and other notable individuals, who share their insights and ideas with the group.


Mensa Monthly Gathering

This monthly event is an important opportunity for members to come together and take care of administrative business while also enjoying great food, drinks, and conversation. During the Mensa Monthly Gathering, we share news about any special projects that the group is working on and discuss any important updates or changes within the organization. We also often have presentations from members on a wide variety of topics, ranging from their own personal experiences to expert insights on subjects such as crime and safety.


Mensa Game Time: Zoom In for fun!

Mensa Game Day is a monthly Zoom event that takes place on Saturdays and is designed for people who love to have fun and challenge themselves. During the event, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of online games with other members of the group. Whether you are into strategy games, word games, trivia, or puzzles, you are sure to find something that will pique your interest. You can play games that are already familiar to you, or try out something new and exciting.


Gifted, Talented, and 2E Resources

Check out our resources for the gifted, talented, and twice exceptional. Visit our resources page for more information.

Newsletter Archive on Mensa Connect: M-Port

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